Quickpost: Standby Power Consumption Of My USB Chargers

I did some tests with my USB chargers: how much power do they consume when plugged into a power socket without charging any device (standby)?

The devices I tested are:

  1. Apple A1357
  2. Apple A2347
  3. Anker A2053
  4. No-brand: Chacon EMP604USB

I connected each one to a powermeter and let it measure the standby power consumption for 24 hours.

This is the result:

Model 24 hours (Wh) 1 hour (Wh) 1 year (Wh)
Apple A1357 2,8847 0,1202 1052,9155
Apple A2347 1,2723 0,0530 464,3895
Anker A2053 5,0734 0,2114 1851,7910
No-brand: Chacon EMP604USB 5,6473 0,2353 2061,2645

24 hours is the measured data, the “1 hour” and “1 year” columns are calculated based on the 24 hours data.

The no-brand USB charger consumes the most: around 2 kWh per year, which is still less than a switched off Philips Hue lamp.

Using the same cost as for the Philips Hue lamp, that no-brand charger costs me around €1 if I would leave it plugged in for a whole year without letting it charge anything.

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