Quickpost: Standby Power Consumption Of My USB Chargers (120V vs 230V)

I did not explicitly specify in my post “Quickpost: Standby Power Consumption Of My USB Chargers” that I did my tests here in Flanders, Belgium and thus that the mains electricity is 230V 50Hz.

I wondered what the results would be in other parts of the world, like the USA. To answer this question, I redid my tests with the USB chargers powered by an AC power supply that delivers electricity at 120V and 60Hz.

The devices I tested are:

  1. Apple A1357
  2. Apple A2347
  3. Anker A2053

The no-brand USB charger was not tested, as the input specs specify 220V – 240V.

I connected each one to the AC power supply (120V 60Hz) and used a powermeter (GPM 8310, resolution 0,1 µW) to measure the standby power consumption over 24 hours.

This is the result:

Model 24 hours (Wh) 1 hour (Wh) 1 year (Wh)
Apple A1357 2,0425 0,0851 745,5125
Apple A2347 0,5473 0,0228 199,7718
Anker A2053 3,7527 0,1564 1369,7360

24 hours is the measured data, the “1 hour” and “1 year” columns are calculated based on the 24 hours data.

And here is the summary for 120V and 230V:

Model 1 hour (Wh, 120V 60Hz) 1 hour (Wh, 230V 50Hz)
Apple A1357 0,0851 0,1202
Apple A2347 0,0228 0,0530
Anker A2053 0,1564 0,2114

It’s clear that my USB chargers consume less standby power at 120V 60Hz than at 230V 50Hz.

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