Quickpost: iPad Pro Charging – Power Consumption

I charged an iPad Pro (12.9 Inch) and measured the power consumption (at 120V and 230V). According to the specs, this iPad has a battery with a capacity of 40.88 Wh.

Procedure: when the iPad Pro turns itself of because of a low battery, I started to charge the iPad with an Apple A2347 USB C charger and measured the AC power consumption of this charger. It consumes around 21 Watt, this value starts to diminish when the battery approaches full charge. When at 100%, the charger will still deliver power, slowly decreasing to 3 Watts, and then it stops delivering power for charging. At that point, I stop the power consumption measurement.

I did not use the iPad while charging.

This measurement was done twice: at 120V 60Hz and 230V 50Hz (using an AC power supply).

AC Wh Duration
120V 60Hz 57.171 03:07:48
230V 50Hz 57.559 03:09:16

There’s not much difference between the two measurements, but what I’ll certainly take away from this test, is that it takes around 57 Wh of AC power to charge a 40.88 Wh battery!

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