Quickpost: Infinite Control For Bash Bunny

I already used a Teensy to send a CONTROL keypress every 10 seconds. This came in handy to keep machines from going to sleep or auto-locking.

Today I wrote a script for my Bash Bunny to do the same.

Warning: if you use this, make sure you unplug the Bash Bunny before you start typing on the computer. Otherwise the CONTROL keypresses will interfere with your typing, potentially ending up in unwanted commands like CTRL-Q: Quit


Title:         Infinite Control

Author:        Didier Stevens (https://DidierStevens.com)

Version:       0.0.1 2017/04/08

Hit the CONTROL key every 10 seconds in an infinite loop,

while blinking the red LED with every keypress.

Can be used to prevent a machine from sleeping or auto-locking.

WARNING: Do not type on the machine’s keyboard while this script

#          is running, or your keystrokes might become commands,
#          for example CTRL-Q: Quit

Red …Hitting CONTROL key

Red Blinking…Wow! We broke out of the infinite while loop!


infinite while loop

while true
sleep 10

this code will never be reached

LED R 100

Quickpost info

Article Link: https://blog.didierstevens.com/2017/04/08/quickpost-infinite-control-for-bash-bunny/