Python Backdoor Talking to a C2 Through Ngrok, (Thu, Dec 10th)

I spotted a malicious Python script that implements a backdoor. The interesting behavior is the use of Ngrok to connect to the C2 server. Ngrok has been used for a while by attackers. Like most services available on the Internet, it has been abused by attackers for a long time. If you’re not familiar with Ngrok[1], here is the principle: You download the Ngrok client and publish your services (ex: a web server) in the wild. Ngrok acts like a reverse-proxy and allows access to your published services. Because Ngrok is very popular, it’s often not considered as harmful and is allowed to bypass firewalls, NAT, etc… By default, the host assigned to your published service is random but, if you create an account, you can force the host to be used (and use it in your malicious code). Example:

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