Now Launching - SOTI: Research

Last year, the SOTI team pledged to evolve.

We had no idea that the evolution before us would require such dramatic changes to how we both live and work. In truth, 2020 was a roller coaster with dramatic ups and downs, encompassing stress, fear, and uncertainty. Even as 2021 unfolds, COVID-19 is still impacting our day-to-day lives at work and at home.

In April 2020, Martin McKeay (Editorial Director) published a blog reporting that Akamai observed a 30% increase in internet traffic as pandemic lockdowns started to take hold. The big question for those shifting to work-from-home setups, distance learning, and complete lockdown/isolation was "will the internet melt down?" -- the short answer was, and still is, no.

So for this first edition of SOTI Research, we're going to look back at 2020 and examine some of the technological shifts that happened. Rather than simply talking about trends for the world as a whole, we're also including a look into the attacks against our own systems to provide concrete examples. We will pull the covers back a little bit, to see how Akamai used Akamai to defend and protect itself throughout a turmoutulous year.

One of the key layers of defense that Akamai uses is Enterprise Threat Protector, which uses Akamai's research and data, augmented with third-party data, to identify malicious domains and block them at the DNS and HTTP level. It addresses several key elements used by criminals including exfiltration, command and control (C2), and phishing.

For more details and information, please read the full SOTI: Research report.



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