New Tool: is a tool to perform DNS queries in parallel.

This is the man page:

Usage: [options] command file
Program to perform asynchronous DNS queries

accepted commands: gethost,getaddr

Source code put in the public domain by Didier Stevens, no Copyright
Use at your own risk

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -m, --man             Print manual
  -o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
                        Output to file (# supported)
                        List of nameservers (,-separated)
  -n NUMBER, --number=NUMBER
                        Number of simultaneous requests (default 10000)
  -t TRANSFORM, --transform=TRANSFORM
                        Transform input (%%)


This tool performs asynchronous DNS queries. By default, it will perform 10000
queries simultaneously.

The first argument is a command. There are 2 commands for the moment: gethost
and getaddr
The second argument is a filename: a text file containing the items to resolve.

Use command getaddr to lookup the IP address of the hostnames provided in the
input file.
Example: getaddr names.txt
 Duration: 0.20s

Use command gethost to lookup the hostnames of the IP addresses provided in the
input file.
Example: gethost ips.txt

Use option -s to provide the name servers to use (comma separated list).

Use option -n to change the number of asyncio workers (10000 default).

Use option -t to transform the input list and perform lookups.
For example, take list of subdomains/hostnames
Issue the following command: -t getaddr wordlist.wl
Result:,0,Domain name not found,0,Domain name not found,0,Domain name not found,0,Domain name not found,0,Domain name not found,0,Domain name not found,0,Domain name not found,0,Domain name not found

The %% in is replaced by each hostname/subdomain in wordlist.wl
and then resolved.

Use option -o to write the output to a file. (http)
MD5: 5F4253B06EC0C6F6EC8E1DFDB1886164
SHA256: D06D776F7B0042EFD5BFAB5CE32EAFDF6FFB85F1C85BB227156638060B639D33

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