New Slips version v1.0.14 is here!

Our team is excited to share the latest news and features of Slips, our behavioral-based machine learning intrusion detection system. 

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What We Are Particularly Excited About

In this release we are particularly excited about these new Slips features:

- Improve whitelists by better matching of ASNs, domains, and organizations.

- Whitelist Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and Google alerts by default to reduce false positives.

- Better unit tests.

- Speed up port scan detections.

- Fix the issue of overwriting Redis configuration file every run.

- Add more info to metadata/info.txt for each run.

Check the full list of changes in our release page:

Learn more!

Wondering what Slips is capable of? Check out these demo presentations:

How to contribute

For those interested in contributing to Slips:

Get in Touch

Feel free to join our Discord server and ask questions, suggest new features or give us feedback. PRs and Issues are welcomed in our repo.

Article Link: New Slips version v1.0.14 is here! — Stratosphere IPS