New Slips version 0.9.1 is here!

Our team is excited to share the latest news and features of Slips, our behavioral-based machine learning intrusion detection system.

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What We Are Particularly Excited About

In this release we are particularly excited about these new Slips capabilities:

- Drop root privileges in modules that don't need them

- Added support for running slips in the background as a daemon

- Fix the issue of growing zeek logs by deleting old zeek logs every 1 day. (optional but enabled by default)

- Added support for running several instances of slips at the same time.

- Saving and loading the db in MacOS

- Fix reading flows from stdin, now it supports zeek, argus and suricata

- Faster Startup of slips, now slips updates the TI files in the background

More new features

We are constantly improving Slips, and a full list of changes in this last version is available in the Slips changelog.

These are some of the new cool features that we have been working on:

- Added slips.log where all Slips logs goes. in daemon and interactive mode

- Automatic starting of redis servers (cache and main databases).

- Added a new TI file

- Update the docs and added instructions for contributing and creating a new module

Check Our Slips Demo

Get a quick overview of what Slips is about and all its capabilities in this demo presented at the LCN conference in 2021.

And the analysis of several malicious PCAPs using Slips:](

Detailed explanation on how to contribute and create a new module:

Get in Touch

Feel free to join our Discord server and ask questions, suggest new features or give us feedback. PRs and Issues are welcomed in our repo.

Article Link: New Slips version 0.9.1 is here! — Stratosphere IPS