New Betabot infostealer malware campaign- Comment

A new report by Cybereason has detected multiple Betabot (aka Neurevt) infections in customer environments. Betabot is a sophisticated infostealer malware that’s evolved significantly since it first appeared in late 2012. The malware began as a banking Trojan and is now packed with features that allow its operators to practically take over a victim’s machine and steal sensitive information.

Following this news, please see below for a comment from Maor Hizkiev, CTO and Co-founder of BitDam :

“Using a patched vulnerability has a very high return of investment, since it is easy to use and still useful in penetrating organisations. AVs as well as other email solutions just don’t cut it for the current cyber world, where malwares are becoming more aggressive and more evasive. Organisations should adapt new security solutions that can detect advanced threats before they are manifesting on the device, so it won’t be able to execute its actions, in this case –  shutting down the AV before it detects it or applying the blacklist to evade security solutions. The recent rise in such attacks coming through email, is evidence of the persistent effectiveness of sending an email with a malicious attachment.”



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