My first days at Lastline – A glimpse into a world free from devastating security breaches

It hit me like a lightning bolt. Four million stolen records per day, 4,000 ransomware attacks per day, 200,000 new malware discoveries per month, and a stunning 22% of all web traffic comprised of bad-bots, DDoS, and malicious attacks. The hackers were winning. The bad actors had cracked the code. They were automating their attacks, they were morphing their approaches quicker than next-generation firewall and endpoint solutions could adapt, and they were overwhelming the security departments of governments and companies both large and small.

It was no coincidence that ninety days later I joined one of the most exciting cybersecurity companies ever created. Lastline, Inc. was founded on one premise: that the only way to counter the most advanced threats was to leverage machine learning and AI to sift through the massive amounts of far-flung enterprise network flow and behavior data to spot the telltale signs of an intrusion.

Lastline had clearly found the secret sauce. In 2017, just like in 2016, Lastline detected every threat thrown at it during the rigorous NSS Labs Breach Detection Systems group test, delivering 100% Security Effectiveness. 100%! Unlike signature- or rule-based systems, Lastline can detect and quash a threat even when seeing it for the very first time. Lastline’s customers get relief from the onslaught and, as a result, the company is poised to grow like a weed.

Today, there are 200,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the US alone. What’s more, the average time that it takes a company to detect a breach is almost 200 days. Lastline addresses both of these challenges. Not only does the company’s technology keep an organization’s information assets safe, but it also makes the process of detection much faster and easier, lessening the need to hire more people by freeing up tons of time for overburdened security professionals, IT administrators, and SOC managers.

I’ve been at the company a few weeks now and I’m in awe. I knew the company’s ranks boasted some of the smartest security experts and researchers in the world. What I didn’t know until now was that they also had assembled a team of the most passionate and committed employees that I’ve ever met. The tempest of the evolving digital enterprise may thunder on for decades and bad actors may rain upon the modern enterprise for years to come. But amidst the chaos, the efforts at Lastline will provide relief from pelting attacks and a welcome shelter from the storm outside.

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