Multiple MDM support? Many answer yes but few (only one actually) deliver

One of the things we hear frequently is the need for Mobile Device Management (MDM) support.  As we were designing our industry leading MTD solution there was a common request we heard from customers:  I have multiple MDMs, how can I see them all in one location.   Understand the request is not integration with multiple MDMs.  Many MTD vendors provide integration with most MDMs but that’s not what customers are actually asking for.  This is managing multiple MDMs.  At the same time.  In one console.  One of our core corporate philosophies is to listen to our customers and help to solve their problems.  So it may come as no surprise that when we designed the Zimperium console, we included the capability to incorporate multiple MDMs.  Our approach has been validated by third-party research that shows most organizations have more than one MDM.  In fact, many have more than two!  The reasons range from acquisitions where a company had a different MDM to regional or branch office having a technical expertise in a specific solution to consolidation projects where the end-goal may be one MDM but the transition period involves multiple.  Regardless of the reason, supporting multiple MDMs is a key enterprise mobile security need and if the vendor you’re considering doesn’t provide this you should ask the hard questions of why not and understand the cost and time ramifications if you move forward with such a solution.

As reference, below are links to on-demand webinars where we walk through the specific MDM integrations.  Keep in mind, Zimperium is the only MTD solution that can manage all or a subset of these at the same time.

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