MISTI: Phish are King, But What Comes Next?

MISTI’s InfoSec World,  March 19-21 in Lake Buena Vista, FL, is nearing and Crane Hassold, PhishLabs' threat research manager, is set to present on the attack techniques that threat actors are employing to overcome detection and blocking techniques.


For decades, email and other digital mediums have been plagued by cyber security threats and phishing attacks, yet this still persists as one of the largest threats to an organization's security. However, better training and technological advances have blunted its overall impact, but there is still more work and awareness needed. This is the reality of today, and while it’s likely that other attack vectors will replace it in the future, the need for a strong defense against phish and their effects are a necessity.

Crane will also discuss attack vectors that will likely overtake email-based phishing, which will include SMS-based phishing, social media exploitation, and large-scale web breaches. The presentation will look at each of these up-and-coming attack techniques in more detail and explain why these methods could end up being significant future threats.

If you’re visiting InfoSec World, our team will be on hand to discuss these techniques in greater detail, and will share real-world results based on PhishLabs’ protection of organizations like yours. Meet with us at Booth #407.


Crane Hassold, Threat Research Manager, PhishLabs

Speaking Session:

Life After Phishing: What’s Next?

When: Monday, March 19 at 1:15 PM

Attend this speaking session to learn:

  • How email-based phishing attacks have evolved
  • Tactics phishers use to overcome detection and blocking techniques
  • Other burgeoning attack vectors phishers are using to lure victims
  • How phishing via SMS and social media work and why they are so effective

Article Link: https://info.phishlabs.com/blog/misti-infosec-world-phish-king