Malware using new Ezuri memory loader

This blog was written by Ofer Caspi and Fernando Martinez of AT&T Alien Labs Multiple threat actors have recently started using a Go language (Golang) tool to act as a packer and avoid Antivirus detection. Additionally, the Ezuri memory loader tool acts as a malware loader and executes its payload in memory, without writing the file to disk. While this technique is known and commonly used by Windows malware, it is less popular in Linux environments. The loader decrypts the malicious malware and executes it using memfd create (as described in this blog in 2018). When creating a process, the system returns a file descriptor to an anonymous file in '/proc/PID/fd/' which is visible only in the filesystem. Figure 1 shows a code snippet from the loader, containing the information it uses in order to decrypt the payload using the AES algorithm. Figure 1. Loader code snippet via Alien...

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