Malware Evasion Uncovered: The Battle Against Evolving Malware Techniques

Hello, Cyber Pirates! In today’s episode of the Discarded Podcast, hosts Selena Larson and Tim Kromphardt are joined by Kyle Cucci, Staff Threat Researcher at Proofpoint. Dive with us into the world of cyber attacks as Kyle breaks down the intricacies of evasion techniques used by threat actors. From defense evasion to anti-sandboxing and anti-reversing methods, Kyle sheds light on how modern malware ensures its survival. Discover the evolution and increasing sophistication of these techniques, and learn about specific malware families like WikiLoader, Remcos, and the notorious Loki Bot.

We then move into how teams of threat hunters, intelligence analysts, and malware reversers work closely to identify new malware techniques and develop robust defenses within sandbox environments. Kyle shares insights into the constant feedback loop between intelligence and detection teams, highlighting how they stay ahead of evolving threats.

We also talk about: 

  • evasion strategies, including temperature checks, geofencing, and human detection mechanisms
  • the use of publicly available tools by malware authors
  • the future of AI and large language models (LLMs) in both aiding and combating cyber threats
Resources mentioned:

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Article Link: Malware Evasion Uncovered: The Battle Against Evolving Malware Techniques