Malware Analysis, Threat Intelligence and Reverse Engineering: workshop slides

Last month, when I was in-between jobs, I gave a workshop for a group of 20-25 enthusiastic women, all either starting in infosec, or with an interest to start in this field.

The event, now obviously expired, can be found here:
CWF Women in Cyber Event #1: Malware Fundamentals

For that purpose, I had created a full workshop: slides or a presentation introducing the concepts of Malware Analysis, Threat Intelligence and Reverse Engineering.

The idea was to convey these topics in a clear and approachable manner, both theory and in practice; for the latter, I had set up a custom VM, with Labs, including my own created applications, some with simple obfuscation.

All participants were very enthusiastic, and I hope to have sparkled most, if not some of them to pursue a career in this field. For this exact same reason, I am now releasing the presentation to the public - the VM or labs however will not be published, as I created these solely for CWF.

Without any further ado, you may find the slides below, on either SlideShare or SpeakerDeck:


Malware analysis, threat intelligence and reverse engineering from bartblaze


Any feedback is always appreciated.

I would also like to thank Nathalie for putting me in touch with Rosanna, the organiser of the CyberWayFinder program. And of course, my gratitude to all the attendees for making it so early on that Saturday-morning in Brussels, Belgium.:slight_smile:

Mind the disclaimer.

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