Lyceum suicide drone

ClearSky discovered a new malware associated with the Iranian SiameseKitten (Lyceum) group with
medium-high confidence.
The file is downloaded from a domain registered on June 6th, and it communicates with a previously unknown command and control server whose IP address is adjacent to that of the domain.

This indicates an attacker-controlled at least two IP’s on the same range.
The downloaded file is a reverse shell that impersonates an Adobe update.
The reverse shell is dropped by a parent file signed with a fake Microsoft certificate, along with a lure PDF document and an executable designed to establish persistence.
There seems to be a shared use of fake Microsoft certificates by a variety of Iranian groups, as Phosphorus was previously observed.
Additionally, the lure PDF document relates to drone attacks conducted in Iran, resembling a similar document previously employed by SiameseKitten3.

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