Lastline Unveils Defender 9.0 to Enhance Public Cloud Workload Security

New update includes Microsoft Azure support, AWS Ingress Routings and Traffic Mirroring, improved AI-powered threat detection, and increased threat visibility

SAN MATEO, CA, DECEMBER 11, 2019Lastline®, the leader in AI-powered network detection and response, today announced the release of Lastline Defender 9.0 to secure public cloud workloads, improve AI-powered threat detection and expand threat visibility for workloads across all environments. The new solution includes two significant enhancements to cloud workload security:

  • Lastline Defender for Microsoft Azure: Extending Lastline Defender’s in-line, full packet (DPI) visibility into both east/west and north/south traffic to the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform will enable customers to protect hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. Lastline’s sensor-based approach eliminates the need to install agents in the cloud, and customers will be able to manage Lastline’s NDR protection across their network and cloud environments from a single console. Lastline Defender is now available in the Azure marketplace.
  • AWS Ingress Routing and Traffic Mirroring:Through Lastline’s technology integrations with the latest security innovations from AWS, customers will have greater speed and flexibility.

“We view support for Microsoft Azure as an essential part of Lastline’s cloud security strategy,” said Christopher Kruegel, co-founder and chief products officer at Lastline. “Lastline Defender for Azure will provide customers with the security and flexibility they need to secure cloud workloads and remain a step ahead of attackers.”

Along with better detection and network visibility, Lastline continues to expand Defender’s ability to stay abreast of the evolving threat landscape by improving its threat detection and network visibility capabilities. Defender 9.0 includes two significant improvements to threat detection:

  • AI-powered file analysis: Delivers faster threat detection by leveraging Lastline’s AI-powered analytics and global threat intelligence to identify reused code in new executables.
  • Anomaly detection of encrypted network traffic: Lastline can detect anomalous activity, even if traffic is encrypted, by examining encryption channel metadata (TLS certificates). By detecting anomalous use of certain TLS metadata, Lastline can highlight traffic that could be associated with malicious behavior.

Lastline Defender also provides customers unparalleled threat visibility with an “at-a-glance” summary of data processed, events generated, detection events, and intrusions generated to provide context for any malicious activity detected. Defender 9.0 includes a new elastic search capability, which gives professionals the means to look for traces of attackers, past and present, in the IT environment. Unlike organizations with an analyst-centric approach to threat hunting, Defender 9.0 has embedded an integration of Kibana, a query and data visualization tool that enables threat hunters to search network data in order to understand activity related to a host or protocol, such as time dimensions, hosts, protocols or activities.

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