Land of the Rising Cyberattacks

We recently had the pleasure of hosting CyberX’s first executive seminar in Tokyo which was titled “Emerging ICS/SCADA Threats and How to Maximize Operational Resilience.

The seminar — which attracted more than 70 attendees — took place at the historic Prince Hotel in the Minato district of Tokyo.

Throughout the afternoon of November 28, we had the pleasure of listening to a wide range of compelling presentations by industry experts including:

  • Dale Peterson, founder of the S4 ICS Security Conference, who described the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)and why prevention technology alone is no longer sufficient to reduce risk from advanced ICS/SCADA attacks. He explained why organizations also need to focus on other critical dimensions of the NIST CSF including Identification, Detection, Response, and Recovery.
  • Mihoko Matsubara, Chief Cyber Security Strategist for NTTand a well-known columnist for “Mainichi Shimbun,” Japan’s oldest daily newspaper. Ms Matsubara is responsible for public advocacy to strengthen networks with global thought leaders in academia, government, and industry.
  • Masahiko Takatorifrom Palo Alto Networks, who described the company’s solutions for ICS/SCADA security at both the endpoint and network layers.
  • Nir Giller, CyberX GM, co-founder and CTO, who provided an overview of CyberX’s leadership in the ICS security market. Mr. Giller also provided a technical overview of the CyberX platform, architecture, and use cases.
  • Buck Watia, CyberX VP of Alliances & Business Development, who described the company’s API-driven integration with Palo Alto Networks to perform rapid blocking of malicious traffic; auto-discovery of OT assets and their network behavior; and automated asset tagging to build asset-based policies and Dynamic Asset Groups (DAGs).

CyberX is dedicated to helping secure Japan, its citizens and the products & services produced there. A significant part of our modern way of life depends on Japanese goods and it’s supply chain that fuel our modern tech-heavy existence. It was great to see a room full of people highly interested and sharing our same goal.

Thank you Tokyo!



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