Kodi Users on Apple TV at Risk of Getting Hacked

Kodi, the free media player, is pretty popular among those who use Apple TV and it has always been an open-ended approach to streaming. It appears that the software is vulnerable and those who installed it are at risk of being hacked.

TvAddons warns Kodi users to be careful

An anonymous writer posted on TvAddons that Apple TV 2 requires a jailbreak to run Kodi. The Apple TV 2 jailbreak comes with an OpenSSH protocol and the default password “alpine”. Many of those who follow this process do not bother to even change the password and it leaves their device at the mercy of hackers.

How to solve this conundrum?

The easiest solution is to use the nitoInstaller app that jailbroke Apple TV 2 and change your password. To do so, the first step is to connect to your Apple TV and then go to the Advanced bar (on nito’s toolbar). The second and final step is to click on the option Change SSH Password. By changing the password your device might receive some extra security. An unsecured Apple TV could be the victim of DDoS attacks, spam, malware and more.

Apple TV 2 is a little outdated

The latest Kodi update for Apple TV 2 was released in 2015 and it is not a good idea to continue using them together. A good solution would be to buy a newer device or use Nvidia Shield or Amazon Fire TV.

Kodi: a popular open source media player

The software has been developed by XMBC Foundation and it allows those who download it to play and watch streaming media: videos, music, podcasts, internet videos and more. Many Kodi fans like the software because it is very customizable: several skins and plenty of plug-ins. Users can stream media via Amazon Prime Instant Video, Crackle, Spotify, Pandora Internet Radio and more.

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