Inspirata and Fujifilm Strike Commercial Partnership to Supply Digital Pathology Services to the UK National Health Service

Cancer informatics and digital pathology provider Inspirata and radiology enterprise imaging specialists Fujifilm announced today a commercial partnership which enables Fujifilm to supply and service Inspirata’s digital pathology solutions in the United Kingdom.

With increased NHS interest in digital pathology as a vehicle for reducing cancer case turnaround times, caused in part by a chronic shortage in histopathologists, the wholly complementary nature of Inspirata and Fujifilm’s respective technologies bridges a technical gap between pathology, radiology and oncology, facilitating a more joined-up and longitudinal approach to patient care.

“Fujifilm’s expertise in advanced IT solutions and service delivery is exceptional,” details Inspirata EVP and co-founder, Dr Mark Lloyd. “Their experienced team have a proven record of delivering, implementing and servicing national healthcare IT solutions and represent the perfect partner for Inspirata as we respond to ever-increasing UK demand for our digital pathology and cancer informatic services.”

With both organisations having proactively embraced an ‘open’ or ‘vendor-neutral’ approach to supporting their customers, the Inspirata and Fujifilm partnership is one borne out of a shared commitment to providing NHS trusts with the freedom and flexibility to utilise only the technologies which are right for them.  In addition to affording genuine choice in both how and with whom NHS trusts can transition to digital pathology, this partnership also provides Inspirata customers with the option to utilise Fujifilm’s award-winning vendor-neutral archive, while simultaneously enhancing Inspirata’s current DICOM capabilities should this file format prove itself sufficiently robust as a universal standard for digital pathology.

“This partnership makes great business sense as it enables both Inspirata and Fujifilm to focus 100% on their respective core competencies without fear of becoming overstretched by trying to be all things, to all people,” explains Inspirata’s European GM, Tim Wing. “However, in blending the digital pathology expertise of Inspirata, with the advanced IT solutions and experience of large-scale implementation of Fujifilm, and both organisations’ relentless focus on openness and empowering Trusts in their choice of hardware, it is very evident that the real beneficiaries are going to be our shared UK customers and ultimately NHS patients.”

“In deciding to provide digital pathology services in the UK our evaluation of potential partners focussed on two important criteria,” explains Kevin Shah, Head of Enterprise New Business, Fujifilm Europe.  “First, the partner had to offer an innovative, best-in-class technology complete with unparalleled subject matter expertise.  Secondly, it was imperative that they share the commitment to openness and vendor neutrality for which we have become synonymous.  Inspirata deliver on both counts and as such our combined partnership will see us deliver a truly unique solution to the UK market.”



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