Inside the Infographic: “Cybersecurity by the Numbers”

The ongoing cybercrime epidemic has triggered a cybersecurity calls to arms, as organizations around the world are looking for some 3.5 million skilled workers to help fight a $6 trillion problem. One of the cool features of the University of San Diego’s comprehensive new Cybersecurity Jobs Report is a shareable graphic that spotlights the cybercrime epidemic, the ongoing shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and the need for talent at the top companies across all industries.

The “Cybersecurity by the Numbers” infographic is an excellent at-a-glance information resource that is ideal for accompany published reports on cybersecurity trends and issues. It includes current statistics and data from a number of reputable cybersecurity resources, such as Cybersecurity Ventures, (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study and

The infographic also features insight from cybersecurity experts and breaks down what job seekers need to know, including how to gain a competitive edge, career outlook, and average salaries and earning potential.


Article Link:“Cybersecurity-by-the-Numbers”