I am a New Developer Advocate

Hello, I’m Nick Hodges, a new Developer Advocate at Checkmarx.  

You can find me on LinkedIn and read up on my long and storied career.  I’ve been around this industry for over thirty years and have done a lot of different things, but I’ve been a fan of code since I was taught BASIC in the 7th grade. I love everything about software development and all the cool things that are part of that eco-system.  I’d love to connect with all of you fine people and find out more about how your development team is using Checkmarx One, as well as finding out ways that we can do that better on our side.   

The role of a Developer Advocate isn’t new, but it has evolved drastically over the years. Three decades ago, “developer tools” meant IDEs, compilers, runtime libraries, and a handful of library and component vendors. Source control was all done on local servers, or even by creating a nightly ZIP file of all the code (I am not making that up.) 

With the advent of the Internet, SaaS products, and the like, the notion of “developer tools” has exploded.  So much of the development process is now connected and online.  GitHub alone has completely changed the way software is developed and deployed.  Now, there are a myriad of ways to increase developer productivity and effectiveness. We can now deliver new functionality in days or even hours, instead of measuring new feature delivery time in months or even years.   The time between code being checked in to a repository and being used by customers is often measured in minutes.  It’s kind of crazy. 

So as things shift, the job of Developer Advocate has become a required position as tech companies try to reach out to developers.  Developers are increasingly involved in DevOps, DevSecOps, and even the buying decisions for tools covering those areas, 

And that is where I come in.   

Checkmarx helps you build security into your applications from the ground up.  These days, that means from the moment you start writing code.   

Now if you are a developer, I know what you might be thinking.  You might be thinking that you have enough to worry about and that you don’t want to be concerned about security on top of everything else.  Well, security is important (I’m sure I’ll be talking about that more going forward), but I get it.   

Our job here at Checkmarx is to make building security into your code as easy and seamless as possible.  We integrate right into your favorite IDE. We make it our mission to let you know the moment we see a problem.  We do things like create issues for you automatically, include in that issue a complete description of the problem, and even point to the exact place where the fix most likely needs to be made.   

Okay, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  While I like to think I’m a pretty smart guy, I am currently not an Application and Code Security expert…yet.  And thus, I’m going to be learning quite a bit in the coming weeks and months.  Maybe you aren’t an AppSec wizard either. Maybe you also have a lot to learn. And so, I’d like to invite you to join me on this little journey of becoming an AppSec expert.  I’ll be blogging about everything that I’m learning going forward, and if you hang around, I’ll do my best to let you know everything that I learn, and I hope you can learn along with me.  

And my job is to educate you on all that and show you how to use Checkmarx tooling to write secure code right from the start.   

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