How Recorded Future’s ServiceNow Integration Amplifies Threat Intelligence

Like most organizations today, you’re focused on transforming old, manual ways of working to reduce complexity, drive efficiency, and create better experiences. Chances are, you’re using ServiceNow as one of the tools in your toolbox to do this — particularly when it comes to supporting your hard-working, time-strapped security operations and incident response teams.

We’re proud of our longtime partnership with ServiceNow and share a belief in the power of technology to make work better for people. Recently, we announced that we’re taking this partnership to a new level by introducing an enhanced, integrated security offering that helps organizations reduce risk while delivering contextual security intelligence for faster security incident prioritization, risk analysis, and response. This blog showcases the first of two new Recorded Future ServiceNow integrations designed to help security teams make smarter decisions and improve security across the entire organization.

The Recorded Future ServiceNow integration allows you to tap into Recorded Future’s actionable, real-time intelligence directly from the tools you currently work with today. This means that security and IT teams using ServiceNow’s security incident response and threat intelligence applications can get actionable context at their fingertips, all while streamlining workflows and making ServiceNow even more powerful. Here’s a look at how it works:

Automatically Enrich Security Incident Observables

Security teams using ServiceNow can easily enrich and validate observables using Recorded Future’s evidence-based risk scores — without leaving ServiceNow. Recorded Future’s real-time natural language processing automatically summarizes information on more than a billion threat-related entities while providing full access to original sources of intelligence. This allows analysts to confidently prioritize and triage the most important observables in their environment, simplify their workflows, and maximize the ROI of their existing cybersecurity solutions, all while accessing a holistic view of threat intelligence.

Correlate External and Internal Incident Data

ServiceNow customers with the Recorded Future security incident response and threat intelligence integration can access Recorded Future’s intelligence to correlate and analyze their internal risk data against the widest breadth of open, technical, and dark web sources. Additionally, it’s easier than ever before to bulk import high-risk observables from Recorded Future for threat hunting and proactive defense programs.

Monitor and Alert on Critical Threats in Real Time

Since risks typically originate (or are first reported) outside your network, Recorded Future acts as an online “sensor,” actively monitoring for risks related to your company, such as newly registered typosquat domains, leaked credentials found on the dark web, and suspected phishing emails. Our technology alerts you to threats uniquely relevant to your business in real time and can automatically create incidents right within ServiceNow, helping you cut through the noise and react quickly.

Learn More

This ServiceNow integration illustrates our continued commitment to industry partnerships that empower security professionals to work smarter, faster, and more confidently. You can learn more about the integration here and find Recorded Future in the ServiceNow App Store. Check back soon for a spotlight on our second ServiceNow integration, designed to help risk management teams effectively manage third-party risk.

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