How Do Threats Align With Detection And Solutions?

There are many different threats targeting many different areas of a corporate network. Have you ever wondered how those threats are stopped? What threats impact which areas of a network? What technology detects and blocks those threats? I wanted to build an interactive graphic to answer those questions.

This interactive infographic can help you understand the full ecosystem of how security works across your network, because just learning about the different threats is not enough. People need to also understand how to detect these threats and ultimately what solutions they can utilize in the different areas of their network to protect themselves and their systems and data. Now you can do all of this in one graphic that will lead you through the whole journey of discovery.

As you can see in the above graphic, the user can select different areas of their network and within each area, you can dive into the different threats targeting that area. Each threat links to our Glossary of Terms with a definition. Below you see the different threats targeting email.

As you select each threat, a pop-up window will show you all the different technologies used to detect this threat. For each technology, you can mouse over the link and a pop-up will explain how that technology works.

Finally, you will also have links to the different Trend Micro solutions that use these technologies to protect your organization from specific threats. This interactive graphic can give you a nice way to link threats to detection/protection technologies to solutions and hopefully will help you better understand the extensive breadth of capabilities to protect your organization. Go ahead and spend some time using this interactive infographic and feel free to share with your friends and colleagues.


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