From 0-Day to Mirai: 7 days of BIG-IP Exploits, (Fri, May 13th)

We all know vulnerabilities have a lifecycle. First, they start as closely held secrets, hopefully known to the company producing the vulnerable software. After becoming publically known, there is often a “mad dash” to a public exploit. During this phase, security companies often show their skills by hinting at privately developed exploits first until the exploit is publically known. Once a public exploit is available, the next race starts among adversaries to collect the largest possible market share of vulnerable devices. In this stage, some nation-states may attempt to expand their attack network, while at the same time, kids in basements and North Korea are looking for coin mining bots. Oddly enough, they often do not patch the vulnerability, and you end up with devices being exploited repeatedly. In the end, you have the crustaceans among the attackers picking apart the crumbs or looking for web shells dropped by others. Finally, Iran and Mirai try to see if anything is left for them.  

Article Link: InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog - SANS Internet Storm Center