Exposing 29A Virus Coding Group – An OSINT Analysis

In this analysis I'll provide personally identifiable information on some of the key members of the infamous 29A Virus Coding Group for the purpose of assisting U.S Law Enforcement and the U.S Intelligence Community on its way to track down and prosecute the cybercriminals behind these campaigns.

Personal email belonging to the group: [email protected]

Group's personal Web site: http://sourceofkaos.com/homes/29a/ 

Second group's Web Site: http://www.29a.net/ - Email: [email protected]

Personally identifiable information for GriYo: – Spain – Email: [email protected] - http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Corridor/2618 - Email: [email protected] - Email: [email protected]; [email protected] http://griyo.hellsparty.com - Email: [email protected] - https://twitter.com/griyo666- http://vxug.fakedoma.in - https://www.facebook.com/pg/djgriyo

Personal Emails belonging to 29A Team Members:

- Jacky Qwerty – Peru - [email protected]

- Mental Driller – Spain - [email protected] 

- Reptile - Canada - [email protected]

- SoPinky – Argentina - [email protected] 

- Super – Spain - [email protected]

- Tcp – Spain - [email protected]

- Vecna – Brazil - [email protected]

- VirusBuster – Spain - [email protected] - Email: [email protected]

- Z0mbie – Russia - [email protected]

- Darkman - Denmark [email protected]

- roy g biv - [email protected]

Personally Identifiable Information for Benny:

Personal Web Site: http://benny29a.cjb.net; http://benny29a.kgb.cz; http://www.benny29a.com

Sample Personal Email: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Related personal Web sites: http://benny.bloguje.cz; http://benny.hysteria.cz

ICQ – 123122556; 156892790; UnderNet.Org server, #vir, #virus, #vxers channels

Related personal Web sites for 29A Group Members:

- Alcopaul/[rRlf] http://alcopaul.cjb.net; [email protected]

- Benny/29A http://www.coderz.net/benny; [email protected]

- Mental Driller/29A [email protected][email protected]; [email protected]

- philet0ast3r/[rRlf] http://www.rRlf.de [email protected] [email protected]

- ZeMacroKiller98 http://zemckiller98.multimania.com - http://membres.lycos.fr/zemckiller98 [email protected]

- Vecna http://coderz.net/vecna

- VirusBuster http://virustradingcenter.cjb.net

- Z0MBiE http://z0mbie.host.sk http://forumer.com/bsodomon

- GriYo Spain [email protected]

- Ratter Czech Republic [email protected]

- roy g biv [email protected]

- VirusBuster Spain [email protected]

- Super [email protected]

Sample SNA (Social Network Analysis) Graph of 29A Virus Coding Group:

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