Exciting News From the Recorded Future Team

Clients, colleagues, friends, and fans!

Nearly a decade ago, Recorded Future set off on a journey to change the nature of intelligence in both how it’s created and consumed — to help solve some of the most difficult intelligence challenges that our clients face. We have relied heavily on a unique blend of focused data science concepts, advanced machine-enabled collection, and intelligence subject matter expertise, always with an eye toward the usability of the intelligence that we present to our clients — be it government agencies, large corporations, or forward-leaning companies.

Today, I am thrilled to announce that Insight Venture Partners has decided to double down on their earlier investment in Recorded Future by agreeing to acquire the company in its entirety for $780 million.

Of course, this is absolutely an exciting time for us, but we know that it would be impossible without the dedicated community we’re extremely lucky to be a part of. Thank you for allowing us to grow, learn, and achieve — we believe this is really just the beginning of our journey.

As our SaaS capabilities have taken shape, we have established strong partnerships to hone our solution, advance our product roadmap, and build our community. We have thoughtfully built upon our original game-changing OSINT capabilities to expand coverage in the dark web, technical sourcing, and third-party risk arenas, in addition to significant investments to establish technical partnership integrations for improved workflow enablement.

Everything we have done has been part of a larger and ongoing effort to secure the world’s information systems from cybercriminals and malicious state actors alike. Every day, we see firsthand the challenges security teams, enterprises, and even nations face in the fight against cyberattacks. There is no question that the need for better cybersecurity exists, and our clients have confirmed time and time again that threat intelligence is the key ingredient for defending critical systems and information. We view Insight’s financial commitment as further validation that we are on the right track to improving security for organizations around the globe.

This deal represents one of the largest security software transactions of the year, and the largest ever in the threat intelligence space. Insight’s renewed commitment to our future validates the path that we are on and lays the foundation to drive our collective requirements forward.

Our leadership team will remain in place, our corporate structure will remain intact, and you should expect minimal impact from this change in financial sponsorship. Recorded Future continues to pursue new intelligence sources, develop thoughtful proprietary research, enable and strengthen integration partnerships, and hone unique data collection and analysis techniques. This new financial sponsorship means that we will be able to accelerate our plans and even more aggressively pursue new features and capabilities in existing and adjacent markets.

On behalf of the hardworking Futurists of Recorded Future, I want to personally thank you for your partnership and support. I look forward to the terrific things ahead as we continue to understand, disrupt, and combat our cyber foes by instilling intelligence-led security strategies together.

Onward and upward!

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