EU unveils proposals to regulate AI

As reported by Verdict, the European Union will unveil a range of policy proposals to keep Big Tech in check. The package includes tougher rules for digital services, a single European data market and a white paper on artificial intelligence (AI).
The white paper is expected to include proposals for a regulatory framework for Europe’s AI sector, focused on high risk sectors and high risk uses of AI. This is likely to include biometric identification systems, such as facial recognition and deepfakes.
Please see here for the EU’s press release on the topic.
John Buyers, Head of International AI at Osborne Clarke LLP:
“Getting regulation right around a fast-changing, very powerful emerging technology is not easy and the Commission’s horizontal, one-size-fits-all approach is very ambitious.  A lot of industries will be concerned that the right balance has been struck between enabling a vibrant European market in these new technologies and protecting the rights of EU citizens.”
For post-Brexit UK, this initiative is highly significant – we know that the government is actively considering regulatory divergence where it would serve UK interests.  Data and AI are areas where we can’t assume the UK will opt will go for alignment.  So this White Paper sets a clear threshold for UK regulatory bodies to work with in deciding the right direction for the UK AI industry.  Which direction are we going to take?  The decision could prove to be highly determinative.”



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