Episode 9 with Brandon

This week on Moscow Mules and NOP Slides, we have Brandon Eckert (@brandonjeckert and https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandon-eckert/). He sips on Jefferson's bourbon (@JeffsBourbon) neat out of a rocks glass. He talks about his current role as a VP of Information Security Officer and his journey into cyber security, which includes roles as a software developer, help desk, and a system admin. We discuss training and certifications and the value he finds in SANS (@SANSInstitute) courses. We also touch on mentoring and the impact it has had on him and his career.

David (@ireversethings) drinks a West Coast IPA called Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing Company (@RussianRiverBC) out of an 8-bit Justice League themed Grand Craft Master from 8-Bit Designs Maker.

Kyle sips on Triple IPA called Sparklepuff Starfighter Defender of the Galaxy from Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery out of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Time Hop themed Willi Becher glass.

Thank you to Brandon for being a guest and the great conversations! We hope you enjoy. Please don't forget to subscribe!

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