Episode 32 with Selena Larson

This week on Moscow Mules and NOP Slides, we have we Selena Larson. This is our first podcast of 2021! We are BACK! Selena sips on a Hamburg Hard Cider. We cover a bunch of topics...too many to mention. But here are just a few: running, Selena's journey into threat intelligence, changing the narrative of "soft skills", COMMUNICATION, certifications, STONKS, Vegan food, Emotet takedown, and ransomware. 

Dave drinks on an Imperial 3 Scoops from The Answer Brewpub out of our Version 1 podcast glass.

Kyle sips on a Pounce from Dancing Gnome out of a Pour Character Wu-Tang glass. 

Thank you to Selena for being a guest and the great conversation! We hope you enjoy. Please don't forget to subscribe!

Disclaimer: The views and expressions of the guests and hosts are their own and not of their employers.

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