Episode 24 with Brent Kennedy

This week on Moscow Mules and NOP Slides, we have we have Brent Kennedy. You like topics related to offensive security? Well we have a podcast for YOU! Brent sips on a Rye Whiskey from Mason Dixon Distillery as well as an IPA from Wheatland Spring Farm & Brewery called Hope Grows out of BSides 2015 mug. Brent discusses what it is like to lead an offensive security team which includes both pentest and red team. He then breaks down pentest vs. red team. We talk engagements and tools. He then discusses the importance of cross team relationships within an organization especially with the blue team. Want a career in red teaming? - then Brent said having passion and curiosity are key skills. We then conclude with a discussion around teaching.

Dave drinks a Pumpkin Pie Porter from Deep River Brewing Company out of a Street Fighter Themed Ryu glass from The Answer Brew Pub.

Kyle sips on a Humm Peach Tea Kombucha out of a Black Ninja Design Official [Orange] glass. 

Thank you to Brent for being a guest and the great conversation! We hope you enjoy. Please don't forget to subscribe!

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