Episode 18 with Katie Trimble-Noble

This week on Moscow Mules and NOP Slides, we have we have Katie Trimble-Noble. If you like gin and treasure hunts (aka coordinated vulnerability disclosure (CVD)), we have a podcast for you! Katie sips on an Aviation gin and tonic while she tells us how she came to enjoy gin. She then discusses her career journey - from human behavior intelligence analyst in the Air Force and as a civilian, which included multiple years overseas, to vulnerability management at DHS to her current role as Director of PSIRT and Bug Bounty at Intel Corporation. We then conclude with a deep dive into CVD while she highlights the keys to networking as well as needing good communication skills. 

Dave drinks a Secret Machine from Dewey Brew Company out of Hop Gr**t glass from Pour a Vida.

Kyle sips on an IPA called Shades from New Trail Brewing Company out of a Glass to Mouth "Sunday Sunday Sunday" football themed glass.

Thank you to Katie for being a guest and the great conversation! We hope you enjoy. Please don't forget to subscribe!

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