Enhancing Cyber Resilience through Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Enhancing Cyber Resilience through Extended Detection and Response (XDR)


  • Advanced attacks represent a challenge for organizations that are getting breached due to architectural misfits and resource challenges
  • Enlarging the width and depth of threat detection and response helps improve the cyber resilience of enterprise environments
  • The Forrester New Wave™: Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Providers, Q4 2021 report, helps cybersecurity professionals to navigate the new XDR space

Top reasons for cybersecurity breaches

Breaches like this one keep repeating like a sad song – with an undiscovered cyber-attack for a staggering… 17 months. Security incidents are not only hurting business’ reputation and bottom lines but also customers in ways not always easy to foresee. We at Bitdefender, are sympathetic to these challenges. With increasing digitalization of business and an underinvestment in cybersecurity across many organizations, these stories are likely to continue. While businesses have to shoulder responsibility for their strategy and execution of it, the cybersecurity industry needs to help as well. We now live in a time when cyber risk requires cyber resilience – the ability of an organization to prevent cyber-attacks from causing incidents or to detect and respond to them in a manner which limits the impact to a pre-defined risk tolerance – is a duty for any organization.

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