Eclypsium and Everfox Partner to Deliver Enhanced Security for the Technology Supply Chain of the U.S. Government

Portland, OR – July 11, 2024 – Eclypsium, the leader in digital supply chain security for enterprise hardware, firmware and software infrastructure, today announced a new partnership with Everfox (formerly Forcepoint Federal), a leader in defending the world’s critical data and networks. The partnership was created to support the National Cross Domain Strategy and Management Office’s (NCDSMO) Raise The Bar (RTB) requirements.

Federal agencies within the U.S. rely on the exchange of sensitive information across boundaries to fulfill various mission objectives. As this need continues to grow, Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) — controlled interfaces that enable the manual or automatic transfer of information between security domains — have come to play a vital role in information-sharing and have emerged as critical elements of the national security framework. CDS devices are composed of dozens of underlying components that are essential to their function. These systems and components are dependent upon firmware developed by a vast network of manufacturers in the digital supply chain. Recognizing the growing threat posed by adversaries seeking to exploit cross-domain activities, the NSA established the NCDSMO with the goal of enhancing their security. The Raise the Bar (RTB) initiative was introduced in 2018 as NCDSMO’s first set of security requirements and standards aimed at mitigating the risk of CDS systems and bolstering the security and functionality of cross-domain solutions. 

“Government entities require absolute confidence that the data and information they send and receive has been transmitted securely and reliably. But CDS devices and their components all depend on firmware developed by a myriad of equipment manufacturers, which poses an inherent risk to the system’s integrity and the security of its data,” said Steve Limbert, Vice President of US Federal, Eclypsium. “Eclypsium provides unique support for Everfox CDS devices in satisfying the requirements of the RTB initiative. By facilitating scans during the configuration and assembly process, the Eclypsium platform is able to validate the integrity of the devices before delivery and acceptance by the end user. Through our partnership with Everfox, we are advancing protection of sensitive and critical information for government entities and other organizations relying on CDS technology.”

As innovators in CDS, Everfox is the leading Commercial-Off-The-Shelf developer serving government agencies with RTB-compliant solutions recognized by the NCDSMO. Backed by the protection of the powerful Eclypsium Supply Chain Security Platform, the integrity and posture of critical CDS devices can be verified during System Production and through operation, simply and automatically. Built on decades of firmware vulnerability research, the Eclypsium Platform delivers industry-leading assurance for firmware and hardware. A basic scan verifies that the current state of assets and all components are authentic and have not been tampered with and validates that the equipment is using the latest supported version of firmware and is free from vulnerabilities. The technology is capable of identifying the presence of known threats and monitoring the behavior of the firmware and other critical code to detect the presence of unknown threats. With end-to-end protection for the underlying components of CDS devices, Eclypsium’s platform provides the tools and insights needed to secure the most critical digital supply chains against disruptions, data loss, and other repercussions of cyberattack. Working together, Everfox and Eclypsium are engineering a new level of supply chain integrity into the Everfox CDS product family.

“Everfox CDS systems enable easier collaboration, better mission decisions in real time, and faster innovation to support the unique and complex objectives of those who protect national security,” said Shaun Bierweiler, Chief Revenue Officer at Everfox. “Our collaboration with Eclypsium allows us to provide these solutions to thousands of government agencies and private sector users globally with the assurance we are adhering to the most stringent security standards to RTB guidelines or common criteria requirements.”

To learn more about how Eclypsium helps the U.S. government and private entities verify every component in the digital supply chain, visit, or email [email protected] to schedule a demo.

About Eclypsium

Eclypsium’s cloud-based and on-premises platform provides digital supply chain security for critical software, firmware and hardware in enterprise infrastructure. Eclypsium helps enterprises and government agencies mitigate risks to their infrastructure from complex technology supply chains. Eclypsium has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor, a TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor, one of the World’s 10 Most Innovative Security Companies by Fast Company, a CNBC Upstart 100, a CB Insights Cyber Defender, and an RSAC Innovation Sandbox finalist.

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Everfox, formerly Forcepoint Federal, has been defending the world’s critical data and networks against the most complex cyber threats imaginable for more than 25 years. As trailblazers in defense-grade, high assurance cybersecurity, Everfox has led the way in delivering and developing innovative cybersecurity technology. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, Everfox’s suite of cross domain, threat protection and insider risk solutions empower governments and enterprise organizations to use data safely – wherever and however their people need it. Learn more:  


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