Don’t Panic Podcast Returns with Season 3

wToday we’re releasing the first podcast in Season 3 of Don’t Panic, the Unit 42 Podcast. You can expect seven more episodes over the next seven weeks. With this release we have a new, separate podcast stream for our listeners. If you’ve subscribed to our old stream on iTunes, please update your podcatcher using the links below.

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If you’re a new listener to Don’t Panic, it’s hosted by us (Ryan Olson and Rick Howard). In each episode, we pick a big topic in cybersecurity, try to simplify it and help you understand why you don’t need to panic. We aim to keep each podcast under 20 minutes, and finish each episode with a segment on cybersecurity in popular culture.

In our first episode of this season, we’re tackling the topic of measuring risk in cybersecurity. We discuss the challenges people run into when trying to put numbers behind the risks their organization faces. You can listen in the player below or subscribe through iTunes or Google Play. All episodes (from 2015 until now) have all been uploaded at the new home for our podcast, here.

We are very interested in hearing your feedback. If you have ideas for new topics, love a pop culture moment, hate hearing our stupid jokes or just want to tell us you listened, please do so over Twitter.

Ryan (@ireo) – Rick (@raceBannon99) – Unit 42 (@unit42_intel)


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