Control Panel Version


  • From now on, in exceptional cases, partners can request technical support to reassign customers to other subordinate partners.


  • In the “Email Live Tracking” module, an error regarding the email preview has been fixed.
  • In the “Email Live Tracking” module, an error regarding email export has been fixed.
  • In the Archiving audit access, an error regarding the display of archived emails has been fixed.
  • From now on, if an administrator selects a scope for which the currently selected module is also available, they will no longer be redirected to the “Email Live Tracking” module, but the current module will be reloaded.
  • The “365 Total Encryption” module will now only be shown to customers who have already ordered it.
  • An error in the display of the Ex Post Deletion function for 365 Total Protection customers has been fixed.
  • An error regarding the setup of 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup has been fixed.

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