Control Panel Version


  • Mailboxes can now be assigned to multiple groups in the Control Panel. During synchronization, Microsoft 365 and LDAP mailboxes are automatically assigned to all Control Panel groups whose names match those of their groups in Microsoft 365 or in the directory service.
  • If there are several group exceptions for a mailbox in the “Archiving” module, the group exception with the longest archiving period applies to the mailbox.
  • Administrators can now delete the last “send_email_to_admin” contact in the “Service Dashboard” module. This disables and hides the “Send email to admin” action in the “Email Live Tracking” module for all users of the domain.


  • A warning is now displayed in the “Email Encryption” module when an administrator tries to order an S/MIME certificate for a user for whom another S/MIME certificate has already been ordered.
  • A bug while deleting secondary environments has been fixed.
  • Users now need administrative rights or the “service_desk” role to create API tokens for external applications. All other users do not have access to the “API Token” tab in their user settings anymore.

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