Channel Scoop: October 26, 2018

Sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s Channel Scoop. As the quarter comes to a close, we’ll be brief with a recap of highlights.


  • Quarterly NextWave partner webinar. Register today. Don’t miss this 30-minute webinar where Karl Soderlund will highlight the industry evolution and vast services opportunities emerging for NextWave partners.
  • There’s always an upsell opportunity. 50% of the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall installed-base have not yet purchased a WildFire subscription. This leaves unprotected organizations vulnerable to attacks from unknown threats, and it creates a huge opportunity for you. Access the campaign assets and upsell current customers to WildFire.
  • Fake Flash updaters push cryptocurrency miners. In most cases, fake Flash updates pushing malware are not very stealthy. In recent years, such imposters have often been poorly-disguised malware executables or script-based downloaders designed to install cryptocurrency miners, information stealers, or ransomware. If a victim runs such poorly-disguised malware on a vulnerable Windows host, no visible activity happens, unless the fake updater is pushing ransomware. However, a recent type of fake Flash update has implemented additional deception.  Read more from Unit 42.
  • Traps cloud services operations online course. Through this new self-paced course, learn how to configure cloud-based Traps management service and install Traps endpoint components, build policy rules and much more. Access the course.
  • Magnifier self-paced course. Magnifier automatically detects and reports post-intrusion threats by identifying good or bad behavior from hosts and endpoints on your network. Access the course to learn more about the first cloud application that runs in the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework.

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