Channel Scoop – November 23, 2018

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  • Journey to automation. Many customers recognize that their current endpoint solutions need to be enhanced or replaced. This offers a great opportunity for partners to expand the overall security conversation with their customers. By acting as an endpoint sensor and enforcement point, Traps improves upon the efficiency and effectiveness of next-generation firewalls to provide stronger defense with fewer resources. View the campaign.
  • Maintaining the integrity of election systems. State and local election boards must take the appropriate steps to ensure the integrity of each vote cast. Aging infrastructure and targeted attacks are key challenges. This use case provides a real-world example of how a U.S. state agency is taking steps to secure the vote with our Security Operating Platform.
  • Not-for-resale (NFR) discount. Did you know you can get up to 40% off PA-820, PA-850, PA-3220, PA-5220 and PA-5250 SKUs? You can also get 80% off Traps SKUs. Take advantage of this promotion today. View the details.
  • Put your trust in zero trust. According to John Kindervag, Field CTO at Palo Alto Networks, trust is the root cause of all data breaches and most other negative cybersecurity events. We don’t need trust in digital systems when the only beneficiaries of it are attackers, putting the concept into motion can prove challenging. Read more about a zero-trust world.

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