Bigger Online Super Series Cancelled due to DDoS Attacks

The Winning Poker Network has cancelled the third leg of its OSS Cub3d series – the Bigger Online Super Series – due to the threat of further DDoS attacks.

The Winning Poker Network´s Bigger Online Super Series (BOSS) was scheduled to be a superb finale to a hugely successful three-tiered OSS Cub3d tournament series. The series had started incredibly well, with events in the Mini Online Super Series beating their guarantees by an average of 67% and the “meat in the sandwich” – the Online Super Series – performing much better than had been expected.

However, towards the end of last week, a series of DDoS attacks disrupted the series. Connection issues resulted in the cancellation of tournaments – not only the feature events in the Online Super Series, but also many qualifying satellites for the Million Dollar Sunday. Fortunately, the Million Dollar Sunday event was able to go ahead but, due to fears of further disruption, the Winning Poker Network has decided to cancel the remaining events in the OSS Cub3d schedule.

New OSS Cub3d Series Scheduled for Later this Month

Announcing the cancellation of the Bigger Online Super Series via the Americas Cardroom Twitch stream, the Winning Poker Network´s CEO – Phil Nagy – explained that the measures needed to be put in place to mitigate the threat of further DDoS would not be completed by Wednesday (the start date for the Bigger Online Super Series). He said rather than risk further frustration and disappointment, he was cancelling the series and rescheduling it for later in the month.

Rather than just run the seventeen events cancelled from this week, the Winning Poker Network´s CEO announced a whole new OSS Cub3d series that will run from September 24th to October 22nd and feature two Million Dollar Sunday events – one with a half-price buy-in of just $265.00. Nagy said he would also honour the current finishing positions in the OSS Cub3d leaderboard promotion and give Punta Cana Poker Classic packages to the players occupying the top three positions.

New Software and Updated Servers will Help Mitigate DDoS Threat

Nagy is confident the rescheduled OSS Cub3d series will be able to go ahead without players suffering the disconnection issues that disrupted last weekend´s events. Within two weeks, new software will be released on updated servers that should be able to withstand DDoS attacks. The long-awaited WPN V2 poker client should also provide players with a more enjoyable online poker experience as many of the bugs that exist with the current version of the software have reportedly been fixed.

Nagy also announced the Americas Cardroom mobile app is due to be released next week. First put into development in January, and expected to take between nine and twelve weeks, the app will support games of Jackpot Poker and Sit & Go 2.0. It is not known whether the app will be available for all skins on the Winning Poker Network so, players wanting to play these games on the go may have to create an account with Americas Cardroom in order to access them.

Bad Pelican Takes Million Dollar Sunday for $269,800

The fact that the Million Dollar Sunday event was able to go ahead last weekend was good news for “Bad Pelican”. The infrequent visitor to the Winning Poker Network topped a field of 2,698 to collect the $269,800 first prize after fourteen hours of play. The massive field ensured the million dollar guarantee was met and, in total, 405 players cashed in the event. The volume of players on the Winning Poker Network also ensured guarantee-busting prize pools for most of the weekend´s tournaments.

Hopefully the next OSS Cub3d series should go without a hitch. As sites on the Winning Poker Network continue to add new features and player benefits, there will be huge expectations for the next OSS Cub3d series, and it will be a huge disappointment – not least for CEO Phil Nagy – if any of the tournaments have to be cancelled due to DDoS attacks or other connection issues.


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