Beers with Talos EP27: Smart Install, Vuln Process Realities, and Professional Wrestling

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EP27 Show Notes: 

Recorded 4/13/18 - We just upgraded all our gear, so naturally we had a straight tech meltdown this week and we saved it the best we could. Matt will sound way better next week. Promise. We cover Smart Installer. Again. But that leads down a discussion of security versus convenience that leads to us discussing the process of vuln disclosure - how vendor discussions, release dates, and policies work in the real world.

Seriously, we grounded Matt’s computer for misbehaving with the audio.

The Timeline:

The Roundtable

01:00 - Nigel: The Reds are playing a quidditch team or something
02:02 - Craig: Technical difficulties explained?
02:35 - Matt: Wrestlemania 34. Yes, that’s actually his thing this week.
06:30 - Joel: Congrats, Joel’s niece, on graduating from USAF basic training. The rest is unimportant.

The Topics

07:50 - Speaker line-up for TTRS (Talos Threat Research Summit)
11:00 - Smart Installer - This might be the one that finally makes Matt lose it.
25:35 - How it Works: discovering vulns and working with vendors

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Featuring: Craig Williams (@Security_Craig), Joel Esler (@JoelEsler), Matt Olney (@kpyke) and Nigel Houghton (@EnglishLFC).
Hosted by Mitch Neff (@MitchNeff).

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