Beers with Talos Ep. #64: Your problem isn’t complex, it's simply complexity

By Mitch Neff

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Recorded Oct. 10, 2019 

This episode lives up to its name, by trying to only take on a minimal topic and then becoming completely convoluted. We start off with an extended roundtable (I even cut like half of it out) and then start talking about the trials and tribulations of making things too complex — from software to network design. If the devil is in the details, then the danger is in there being too many of them. We take two simple examples — PDF readers and a trip to the doctor's office — and look at how the complexity jammed into the tech around these two things is where things become disturbingly dangerous.

The timeline:

  • 01:30 — Roundtable: Talos brings home the Peter Szor Award, getting Kenny g’s in an Uber, dino umbrellas
  • 18:30 — Complexity Kills
  • 27:30 — What’s up, doc? Where’s my data?
  • 47:00 — Closing thoughts and parting shots: Hinting at big things to come and Matt’s zero-sum karma

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