ASEC Weekly Malware Statistics (July 26th, 2021 – August 1st, 2021)

The ASEC analysis team is using the ASEC automatic analysis system RAPIT to categorize and respond to major malware. This post will list weekly statistics collected from July 26th, 2021 (Monday) to August 1st, 2021 (Sunday).

For the main category, Infostealer ranked top with 48.2%, followed by RAT (Remote Administration Tool) malware with 25.8%, downloader with 13.0%, CoinMiner with 8.6%, ransomware with 4.2%, and Ddos with 0.3%.

Top 1 – RedLine

RedLine malware has taken first place once again with 18.0%. The malware steals various information such as web browser, FTP client, cryptocurrency wallet, and PC settings. It can also download additional malware by receiving commands from the C&C server.

The following are the confirmed C&C server domains for RedLine:

  • hxxps://all-brain-company[.]xyz/
  • hxxp://yarinefatt[.]xyz
  • hxxp://zertypelil[.]xyz
  • hxxp://ivaloribar[.]xyz/
  • hxxp://naxunarium[.]xyz/
  • hxxp://salkefard[.]xyz/
  • hxxp://verecalina[.]xyz/

Top 2 –  BeamWinHTTP

BeamWinHTTP is a downloader malware that ranked second with 11.1%. BeamWinHTTP is distributed via malware disguised as PUP installer. When it is executed, it installs PUP malware Garbage Cleaner, and can download and install additional malware at the same time.

Malware Being Sneakily Installed in My PC-BeamWinHTTP Malware

The confirmed C&C server URL is as follows.

  • hxxp:///gc-prtnrs[.]top/decision.php

Top 3 – CryptBot

This week, CryptBot ranked third with 9.7%. CryptBot is mainly distributed through malicious sites disguised as software download pages. Upon entering a certain keyword in the search engine, these malicious websites appear on the top page. When the PC is infected, it attempts to steal various user info and download additional malware. 

CryptBot Info-stealing Malware Distributed Through Phishing Sites

The following are the C&C server URLs and additional malware download URLs of CryptBot.

  • C&C1: wymkjd37[.]top/index.php
    C&C2: moriue03[.]top/index.php
    Download URL: hofxuo04[.]top/download.php?file=lv.exe
  • C&C1: smanik53[.]top/index.php
    C&C2: morzie05[.]top/index.php
    Download URL: gurqfo07[.]top/download.php?file=lv.exe
  • C&C1: smaoez65[.]top/index.php
    C&C2: mortuh06[.]top/index.php
    Download URL: gurswi09[.]top/download.php?file=lv.exe
  • C&C1: smauxw61[.]top/index.php
    C&C2: mortuh06[.]top/index.php
    Download URL: gurswi09[.]top/download.php?file=lv.exe

The distributed filenames are as follows.

  • main_setup_x86x64.exe
  • p3-signed.exe
  • Setup.exe
  • setup_installer.exe
  • setup_x86_x64_install.exe
  • setuplauncher_v2.exe
  • setuplauncher_v3.exe
  • x86_x64_setup.exe

Top 4 – Glupteba

Glupteba is a malware developed with Golang, taking fourth place with 8.6%. It downloads various additional modules and has various features, but it is actually a CoinMiner malware that installs XMR (Monero) CoinMiner.

When Glupteba is executed, it acquires the system permission by going through UAC Bypass and using TrustedInstaller’s permission. It then disguises as a normal process named C:Windowsrsscsrss.exe and remains in the system. Afterward, Glupteba downloads additional modules such as rootkit drivers for a purpose of concealing processes and files, and ultimately installs Eternal Blue package to spread through XMR CoinMiner and SMB vulnerabilities.

So far, most of the confirmed Glupteba samples are being downloaded and distributed via PUPs. Even though Glupteba is being distributed via PUP, it takes the appearance of a MalPe packer (it is mentioned in the previous blog post).

Malware strains that take the appearance of a MalPe packer can be distributed via Exploit Kit. There are also cases of Vidar malware and PUP where the malware disguised as a normal program was distributed.

[Additional Module Download URL]

  • hxxps://spolaect[.]info

[C&C Server URL]

  • hxxps://ninhaine[.]com
  • hxxps://2makestorage[.]com
  • hxxps://nisdably[.]com

Top 5 – AgentTesla

AgentTesla was ranked fifth place with 7.2%. It is an info-stealer malware that leaks user information saved in web browsers, e-mails, and FTP clients.

How AgentTesla Malware is Being Distributed in Korea

Recently collected samples use the following mail servers and user accounts when leaking the collected information.

  • serv-10708.handsonwebhosting[.]com
    sender: droid@multillantaszl[.]com
    receiver: droid@multillantaszl[.]com
    user: droid@multillantaszl[.]com
    pw: icui****@@
  • smtp.saisianket-tech[.]com
    sender: akibapen@saisianket-tech[.]com
    receiver: akibapen@saisianket-tech[.]com
    user: akibapen@saisianket-tech[.]com
    pw: oluwag****123
  • us2.smtp.mailhostbox[.]com
    sender: paola.micheli@copangroup[.]xyz
    receiver: paola.micheli@copangroup[.]xyz
    user: paola.micheli@copangroup[.]xyz
    pw: gibs****990

As most are distributed through spam mails disguised as invoices, shipment documents, and purchase orders, the file names contain such words shown above (Invoice, Shipment, P.O. – Purchase Order). Some samples have extensions disguised as document files such as pdf and xlsx or Auto CAD blueprint files such as dwg.

  • XP010-61.exe
  • scan0012330.PDF_________________________________________.exe
  • 委外订单-启绩物料6-1-2.exe

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