Answer: Yes. Question: Has there been a lot of recent news about mobile device attacks?

It seems like every day there is a news item about a recent breach or security incident relating to mobile.  Zimperium is in the business of protecting mobile devices and the data that resides on them or they have access to.  So, of course, we pay close attention to news and events surrounding the space.  In fact we’re often in the news thanks to our world class research team making some sort of discovery related to an unknown or unique mobile threat.  And while most everyone understands  that mobile devices can be hacked like any other computing device, many, even in the security field, aren’t as tuned into the significant level of mobile threat activity already taking place and the shocking growth thereof.

Here are a few recent examples worth considering…

ThreatMetrix 2018 Q2 shows 44% growth in mobile threat; 27M mobile bot attacks, 58% of all financial transactions are mobile, and 51 million mobile-based financial attacks of almost every conceivable type; and btw, even most web-based fraud is dependent on mobile device takeover (to manipulate 2 factor auth).  Our zIPS and zIAP solutions can address this.

Tesco fined 16.4M for mobile app breach that happened in 2016: addresses this.

Britains Conservative Party app leaks personal data of thousands of MP’s and conference attendees, faces 2M fine. addresses this.

Gartner releases report on future mobile tech, names MTD the first and most fundamental ingredient in the mobile architecture

Russian government operatives use typical network attack for mobile devices on European government agencies. zIPS addresses this.

Here’s some good news.  Some in government are realizing the reality that while physical crime is down (a wonderful thing), cybercrime on their citizens is up significantly and increasing.  The leaders in New York City recognized that protecting their residents in the cyber world was just as important as protecting them in the physical world and took actions.  NYC launches NYC Secure.

Attackers are constantly looking for new and more efficient ways to further their objectives and mobile devices are now their new favorite attack target.  And while they’ll never slow down, we won’t either.  We’ll continue to bring the latest, most innovative product and solutions to market to help you protect your business and yourself.

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