Announcing Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge


Browsing the web securely with Microsoft Edge (the browser recommended by Microsoft for Windows 10 users and the default browser in Windows 10 S-mode) is a safer bet than ever before with Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge—a unique three-in-one browser extension that provides web threat protection, ad blocking, and password management, all in a single app.



Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge makes browsing the web safer and more enjoyable. Its innovative cloud-enabled security provides an extra layer of advanced protection against modern web threats such as phishing, banking and technical support scams, and identity theft. It blocks annoying and intrusive ads for faster site loading and an all-around better browsing experience. And Trend Micro Password Manager, now extended to Microsoft Edge, helps you create, manage, and securely store strong encrypted passwords and synch them to the cloud for use across multiple PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. This provides instant access to your passwords while browsing, wherever you are and no matter what device you’re using. Finally, security-conscious folks should also note that Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge also integrates with the Windows Security Center, for secure browser monitoring in the App & Browser Control panel.



Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge’s web threat protection and ad blocking features are fully functional during a 30-day trial. Only ad blocking remains after the trial, but a full subscription to Trend Micro Security maintains the web protection function as well as ad blocking, while also fully enabling Password Manager. Note that your passwords can be fully managed through the Trend Micro Password Manager web console, where form filling, secure notes, and a Password Doctor for maximizing your passwords’ strength are also available. And Password Manager within Microsoft Edge syncs fully with its siblings for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, (the first two both on PC and Mac) as well as with its cousins—the Trend Micro Password Manager apps for Android and iOS.



Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge is available for instant download from the Microsoft Store.



A special addition is also available through Best Buy retail store outlets, or from the Best Buy online store, for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and above, as well as for Windows 10 S-mode.

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