Announcing the AlienVault Success Center!

We are very excited to announce that our new Success Center has just launched. It is our new “one stop shop” for help for AT&T Cybersecurity commercial USM Anywhere, USM Appliance and USM Central customers, OTX and OSSIM users, and InfoSec practitioners in need of help and support.

Why a Success Center?

We studied the situation at length before formulating our plan for the Success Center. In interviews with customers and partners, we determined that those wanting our help had to go to too many sites to get what they needed. These sites include the Forum, the Support Portal, the Documentation Center and the blogs. It was hard for folks to know the best place to look for information about a particular topic or question.

What Makes the Success Center Different?

Now you can log in one time and have access to information from a great many resources. You have the capability to search across all the resources and find helpful information that would otherwise be tricky to find. Searches span across blogs, AlienVault documentation, KB articles, Forum questions and even the customer case history (in the case the user is a customer.) We respect your privacy - company case history is accessible only by designated users of that company.

What Happened to the Customer Support Portal?

If you were a user of the Support Portal, your existing credentials will allow you access to the Success Center. You will have access to all the things you used to have access to, and much more!

What Happened to the AlienVault Forum?

The Success Center is a superset of the Forum. If you were a Forum user, you should have received an email near the end of January requesting you set up a new password in for the Success Center.

We migrated all the users of the Forum over to the Success Center, as well as the all existing Forum questions and answers.

There’s another neat feature about the Success Center – we will be able to get the focus from our technical experts to answer your questions better. In the Forum, questions could go unanswered. With the Success Center we will be alerted if a question has not been answered in a reasonable time. We can then open a ticket to get the right eyes and minds to answer your questions. In addition, duplicate questions will be resolved, and questions we’ve already answered in the past will get answers automatically.

Features to Notice in the Success Center

  • Intelligent Search: Searching for an answer is hard enough, but trying to filter through the results for the best answer makes finding your answer a frustrating process. Our new search intelligence can help with that by adding the following features:
    • View filters – additional filters allow you to filter results by result type, product, or source.
    • AI - Search AI will compare your search to previous results and your own history in the community to determine the likelihood of relevance for each result.
    • Result post-filtering - Our new search will analyze the results to rank not just by term relevance, but also age, validation, and reviews.
  • Getting Started Guide
    • Sometimes it is hard to know where to start with a new product. To help ease the process of getting used to our products, we provide a quick Getting Started Guide to help you get off the ground quickly.
  • Common Links
    • In order to simplify finding what you need, we have provided a list of links to commonly requested answers and pages.
  • Browse and Discuss 
    • Sometimes, you may want to just look around for what is out there. The Browse and Discuss section allows you to navigate questions and Knowledge Base/ Known Issue Articles by topic.
  • Trending Articles
    • One thing you learn quickly in support is that issues - whether they be basic configuration questions, threats or known issues – happen in sets. We have added a section to highlight trending articles being viewed by your peers, as well as a view filter to allow you to filter by trending questions.

Be sure to check it out!

What’s Next?

Better Case and view filters – We are improving our view filters to make it easier to review your account data.

Account Resources and Tools – Some items, such as resetting your appliance license or getting the status of a product issue related to your appliance, can be tedious to request. We are working to provide access to these items directly from your Success Center.

Media Content - We are aware that videos are the way many folks prefer to learn. We are working to create new video content, and will be adding it going forward as it becomes available.

Please stay tuned for other new changes on the way.


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