A Discussion With CSO Andy Ellis

In this week's podcast, Steve and Andy talk about his recent Reddit AMA, and the best food to have on hand for a security incident. The topic is an off-shoot of the best wine pairing question from the AMA, and Andy adds to that answer with the story behind his choice of wine (1976 Chateau Gloria, Saint-Julien) for an internet meltdown.


However, the main topic of discussion that kicked things off was the question of: "Is too late for a career change at 43 to cybersecurity? If not, how can I start?"

The short answer is no, but Andy goes into more detail on the podcast, and his answer on Reddit is full of examples as to why it is never too late for a change.


For some additional context and insight, check out the answers to these questions:

"What's a typical day like for ya? How do you spend your time outside of work? and how do you keep yourself updated with technology and the cyber threat landscape?"


"Post-pandemic, do you think security roles will become more visible in an organization?"


Article Link: https://blogs.akamai.com/sitr/2020/12/in-this-weeks-podcast-steve.html