2018: we’ve got the threats booked

2018: we’ve got the threats booked

Any date in the calendar is the perfect moment for unscrupulous persons to try to make a profit at someone else’s expense, and Halloween is no exception.

With ever more economic and technological resources within their reach, hackers have become professionalized, creating an industry at the cost of those people and companies than fall into their webs. They spread cyberthreats through social engineering, fake applications for smartphones and tablets, or through illicit websites, all of which are helping cybercriminals to con us in different ways.

October 31 is just around the corner, and over the coming days, the distribution of malicious content is going to become more frequent, with hoaxes that warn about revenge from malignant spirits if you don’t follow the instructions in the email or article forwarded to you or your employees, or fraudulent applications that end up sneaking onto our networks.

The most wanted cybercriminals in the world are fully aware of these events and celebrations, and these criminals are not to be messed with: they’ve affected companies all over the world, pulling off heists like the theft of 100 million dollars, or bringing down 46 banking institutions.

Are you up to date with all the relevant information about the most popular threats? At Panda Security, we’ve got all the most dangerous attacks known to date booked, and we’ve got all their police records: date of birth, origin, modus operandi, attack history…



Date of Birth: 2011

Origin: Clues point to Russia.

Modus Operandi

Cryptojacking uses other people’s devices without permission to mine cryptocurrencies illegally.

Attackers make use of malware to take over computers, tablets, or smartphones and take advantage of their processing power to mine cryptocurrencies in secret, using the devices’ energy resources.

Most cryptojacking attacks use CoinHive code to mine cryptocurrencies.

Criminal Record

Adylkuzz and Wannamine

One of the most problematic vulnerabilities in 2018 has been EternalBlue, which was also used by WannaCry. This vulnerability was how Adylkuzz got onto systems. This malware was used to generate Monero, and infected thousands of computers all around the world. In fact, it is believed to have affected even more computers than WannaCry.

Discover them all:









These threats have already been arrested and neutralized by Panda Security. However, they’re still at large on certain networks all over the world, hiding out in the weakest environments.

If you are not a Panda Security client and you catch sight of them on the company network, contact us immediately to facilitate its capture.

Discover all the threats , and keep your worst nightmares from getting onto your company’s computers this Halloween.

Discover all the threats here

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