2018 Outlook: Public Sector Organizations Should Prepare for Increasingly Sophisticated Cyberattacks [VIDEO]

This video, “Meeting Public Sector Security Challenges: 2018 and Beyond,” touches on some major cybersecurity challenges public sector enterprises will face in the coming months and explains why CrowdStrike® is uniquely positioned to help them mount an effective defense. As adversaries continue to evolve their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), the volume and sophistication of attacks will increase, whether they are from nation-states, criminal actors, or hacktivists. Federal and state governments, as well as other public institutions, must be prepared to meet the challenges of today’s evolving threat landscape.

As explained in this video, CrowdStrike works with public sector enterprises of all kinds because now more than ever, they are in the crosshairs of many of today’s most sophisticated adversaries. As pioneers of cloud-based endpoint security, CrowdStrike easily handles the challenges of scale and complexity that government entities are faced with. Both Federal as well as large state/local governments often support millions of endpoints across widespread environments. In addition, they are frequently dealing with complex network designs that may be decades old. As the video points out, the flexibility and cloud-native architecture of the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform has allowed public sector enterprises to reduce their dependency on updates and the need for ongoing maintenance that their legacy tools require. In turn, operators have more time to focus on mission-critical tasks because they are less burdened by day-to-day infrastructure demands.

The video also describes why the CrowdStrike platform is a “force multiplier” for public sector organizations, offering not only detection, prevention and response, but managed hunting via Falcon OverWatch™ — a team of highly trained security professionals that proactively hunt for threats in customer environments. By providing 24/7/365 managed hunting, OverWatch augments customers’ internal resources and helps them defend against today’s most sophisticated attacks.

Read a public sector case study and learn why the state of Wyoming trusts CrowdStrike to help support economic development and protect citizens and staff from cyber threats.

Learn how CrowdStrike can help your public sector organization increase your security posture to defend against modern threats by visiting the public sector page.


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